We mean Business!

Every business needs Income in order to survive and Income growth in order to succeed. Our mission is to boost your revenues by enhancing your company's ability to sale.

What can we do for you?

We are fully committed to your compay's success by implementing innovative and proven work methods to dramatically improve your company's sales results.

Sales consulting

  • Thorough deep project sales analysis
  • Full Strategic project consulting and planning
  • Escort up to the contract signing stage

CHS sales training

  • Easy to implement
  • Creating a workflow for your sales team
  • Combining next-gen sales techniques
  • Enhancing sales results

Design & support

  • Location & demographic market research
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Project management & supervision

Who have we helped already?

We bring you years of expertise and results earned by working with industry leading companies such as:

Why us?

Image Marketing Solution is a group of highly motivated marketing and sales experts with a common mission: Creating your company a highly effective sales team.

Alon Segal

Alon Segal

CEO & Sales strategist

My Details
" You can only live once. So check the time on both your watches and go conquer the world! "

Alon Segal

Alon Segal is the CEO and founder of Image Marketing Solution. Mr. Segal brings vast international experience and sales results of more than 19 years in marketing & sales.

He Served as VP of marketing & sales and senior director at leading real estate companies in Israel and in Eastern Europe, in which thousands of units were marketed and sold.

Lior Barkan

Lior Barkan

Marketing consultant & Sales trainer

My Details
" At the end of the day only results counts in, not the thoughts about what should have been done. The key to being a great sales person is to do more so you won't have to regret about lost opportunities! "

Lior Barkan

Lior Barkan is a top class marketing consultant and a well-known lecturer in Israel since 2003. His expertise is using NLP and top applied psychology techniques in business and sales. Mr. Barkan is the head of the Israeli school of NLP and the CBDO of iLevel LTD.

In his past, Mr. Barkan was a regular guest on daily TV shows in 2 major TV stations in Israel and the author of ‘Down and dirty: salespeople’s pocket book‘.

Ran Yanuv

Ran Yanuv

Architect & Interior designer

My Details
" You bring your dream. We dream it with you and create space and place you couldn't dream of. "

Ran Yanuv

Ran Yanuv is an interior designer with 14 years of extensive experience in planning, project management and supervision in Israel, Europe, India and Russia working with leading organizations in Israel. Mr. Yanuv’s Expertise is in the hotel and the commercial industry.

Morris Algazi

Morris Algazi

Interior designer

My Details
" Fashion and trends comes and go while exquisite design will last for at least one generation. "

Morris Algazi

Morris Algazi is an Interior designer that brings a decade of experience in planning and designing projects in Eastern Europe and in Israel. Mr. Algazi’s expretise is in hospitality and residential interior design for leading companies and large organizations.

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